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Re: .SPF printing

If you want to print graphics declare laserjet or ps printer and do it. If
you want something to be printed printer independent then .spf is the best
way. Use -Ziv flag which will bring viewer automatically after the report
is done. If you need more asst. send me specific details so that i can
reply to the point.

Have fun
Vivek Pandian

At 04:24 PM 10/5/99 , you wrote:
>        You wrote:
>        From what I understand, the
>        only way to display/print these "graphics" on the reports is to
>generate a .spf
>Not true. When you create a .lis file, the graphics look like a bunch of
>weird numbers. But when you send it to the printer (dos command copy
>filename.lis>lpt2 for example) the graphics come out.
>1) Make sure you declare the printer
>2) I found that if I tried to say "print" before I used a graphic command,
>for some reason my graphics wouldn't work (SQR 3.5)
>   I only vaguely remember this, as it was last year.....
>:) Kristin