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Re: How to View and Print -LIS File

The LIS file is the printable output.  Therefore, if your printer type is
HP, you get HPGL.  However, if your printer type is LP (line printer) you
will get simple ASCII output which would be readable in any of the tools
you identified.  This does mean you can't do any graphics.  Alternatively,
generate the SPF file, I think you use the -KEEP flag at runtime, then
email that.  Each recipient will need the SQR viewer which is free (at
least with ver 3.0).  Hope this helps.

"Hallmark, Robert J" <robert.j.hallmark@LMCO.COM> on 05/11/99 03:41:39 PM

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To:   Multiple recipients of list SQR-USERS <SQR-USERS@list.iex.net>
cc:    (bcc: John A. Walker/CEI/FirstEnergy)
Subject:  How to View and Print -LIS File

We are using SQR Workbench 3.5 working from Oracle 7.3.2 database.

We are trying to send SQR Reports through e-mail but have been unsuccessful
due to inability to read the LIS file.
We have tried opening the LIS files using Notepad, Wordpad and Word.  In
each case the data is scrambled.  Can anyone tell me how to open an LIS
so it will be readable?  Should I be able to see the same type of output
that I get when reading the SPF file through Reportmate?