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Re: Dynamic Variables?


     Yes, you can assign variables dynamically.  Check out porq001.sqr for
an example.  However, are you reading a file into PeopleSoft or trying to
retrieve a field from within PeopleSoft?  If you know the max characters
that the field allows, this will help to guide you.  You can also use the
trim function to remove any excess space from the differing sizes.

Good luck and I hope that this has helped!

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Subject:        Dynamic Variables?

Is there a way to dynamically assign variables using SQR, for example, I
have to find where all of the spaces are in a vendor name .. i.e.
A G Prada Inc.
Mark Associates
A A A Locksmith Inc

All of these have a different amount of spaces in them, so I assume that
a normal instr will not work.

This is why I would dynamically set a variable, to catch all the spaces in
a file, and then use the results to do certain substr() from there.  Hope I
made that understandable.  thanks

Mark Kraft