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Re: [sqr-users] DDP003.SQR with 3rd Array

Other than the fact that PeopleSoft purchased and made their own version 
of SQR in tools 8, we've not encountered any issues with arrays.  We're on 
Tools 8.16 and 8.45.

Ramzi Salameh
Senior Technical Analyst
(214) 904-2550

Dave and Buster's, Inc.

"Wright, David L. II" <DAVID.L.WRIGHT.II@saic.com>
Sent by: sqr-users-bounces+ramzi_salameh=daveandbusters.com@sqrug.org
06/21/2005 10:43 AM
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        Subject:        [sqr-users] DDP003.SQR with 3rd Array


I've got an issue that has PeopleSoft stumped.  So, I thought I'd ask the
SQR experts - you.

We added a 3rd array to DDP003.SQR to collect "begin/end" information on
multiple .prn output files.  The .prn files are the advices themselves 
we FTP to a Vendor who prints the advices.  The array is then referenced 
eoj time to create a summary report of the .prn files created - File Name,
starting/ending advice #, etc.  This "log" is also sent to the Vendor.  If
the Vendor has to reprint any advices, they reference the log for a
starting/ending file to reprint.

What's happening is after the first EE's advice is printed, every EE after
that has their current Fed Med/EE deduction amounts in the $millions.  And
continues to grow with each subsequent EE.  The SQR works fine without the
3rd array.

I believe that the 3rd array is somehow being stepped on by something else 
another array or something internal unbeknownst to me.

The puzzling thing is, this SQR works fine in 7.51.  HRMS 8.8 SP1, Tools
8.45 seems to have difficulty with the 3rd array.  Is there anything
different in release 8 having to do with arrays?

If anyone can shed some light on this I would be very appreciative.

Thanks in advance,


David L. Wright, II
SAIC - Sr. Technical Consultant, PeopleSoft
E-mail: david.l.wright.ii@saic.com

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