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[sqr-users] BEFORE-PAGE, AFTER-PAGE procedures??

Hey All,

I have a couple of SQR jobs that run fine most of the times, but a few
instances fail, and I get the following error in the Job factory Log:

>>(SQR 5400) Second page write attempted while writing current page.
>>Check BEFORE-PAGE, AFTER-PAGE procedures.

Yeah the jobs are a little funky in the sense that the header that comes on
the first page is dynamic, so I calculate the position of first line based
on the number of lines used by the header dynamically... Something like

Let #HeaderSpace = #HeaderSpace * 10            !Header Space is the number
of lines taken up by the header (only on page one)
Add 10 to #HeaderSpace                                  !To make sure that
the variable headerspace is > 0 for relative positioning
                                                                !And if
enough room on the page, printing will start 10 points below the header

    If #HeaderSpace >= (#sqr-max-lines)         !If the header takes up the
entire page, start printing query results on page two
        Position (+#HeaderSpace )                       !Else set print
position at #HeaderSpace 

Any clue of what might be happening here?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Dev Rishi Sahani
FESCo DB Systems 
Fidelity Investments

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