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filling message text ok, but displaying the text in process details goes wrong

Hi there,

I have a problem with displaying my own text message in the process detail
page. I fill message_parm1 with my text. Id expect I would see the
message, however nothing appears in there.

  let $Error_Mesg = '*** Error opening file for reading ' || $invoerfile
  let #prcs_run_status = #prcs_run_status_error
  let #prcs_message_set_nbr = #prcs_msg_set_nbr
  let #prcs_message_nbr = 0
  let $prcs_message_parm1 = $Error_Msg
  let #prcs_continuejob = 0

let #prcs_rc = #Ret_Code
do Update-Prcs-Run-Status

Does anyone have a clue?

Were running PeopleSoft 8.17.


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