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Re: SQR editor (Running SQRW from UltraEdit)

I'm having a little trouble using the Tool Configuration menu with the

This is the command line that I'm using:

p:\hr751\sqrbinw\sqrw.exe "%f" bpelton asdf htst -ic:\user\sqr\;p:\HR751\sqr\
-mp:\HR751\sqr\allmaxes.max -S -fC:\TEMP\ -ZIFp:\HR751\sqr\pssqr.ini

Username:  bpelton
Password:  asdf
Database:  htst

When I run the menu, I am getting an error message that it cannot find
I think the problem is with the %F part.  I'm not familiar with that, so I might
have it wrong.
Can someone show me an example of how it should look???

Also, I'm able to edit the entires in the Tool Config window, simply
double-click on the name and the information is reloaded into the menu, I then
delete the entry from the list and reinsert the entry again.  A lot easier than
editing the INI file.

UltraEdit-32 Professional version 6.10a

----Error Message----
(SQR 4700) Cannot open the program file: 'sysadm.sqr'
(2): No such file or directory

SQR: Program Aborting.

Pamela Lantzy <PLantzy@UAMAIL.ALBANY.EDU> on 07/12/2001 10:13:04 AM

Please respond to sqr-users@list.iex.net

To:   SQR-USERS@list.iex.net
cc:    (bcc: Brian Pelton)
Subject:  Re: SQR editor

In Ultraedit, under Advanced, Tool Configuration

Set the:

Command Line:  <path to sqrw> "%f" <user/pass@db>  <SQR flags>
Working directory: <oracle working>
Menu Item: <name for what to appear under the Advanced>

Check the boxes - check if windows program and  Save all files first
Leave the radio button to Append to existing


command line:
j:\he76\sqrbinw\sqrw.exe "%f" <user/pass@db> -ij:\he76\sqr
-mj:\he76\sqr\allmaxes.max -fc:\temp\sqr.lis -oc:\temp\sqr.log
-ZIFj:\he76\sqr\pssqr.ini -cb

Working directory:

Run SQR against HE76DEVL

To test it out, open a SQR and go to the menu item under Advanced it should
run the SQR.

The only glitch, is once you hit OK, you can not see or modify these
settings again within ultraedit.  The only way to modify is edit the file
c:\windows\uedit.ini - go to the [Tools] sections.  Then you must close and
open ultraedit again for your settings to take.


 -----Original Message-----
From:   Bill Beckner [mailto:Bbeckner@ICC.CC.IL.US]
Sent:   Thursday, July 12, 2001 12:14 PM
Subject:        Re: SQR editor

Yes..please post your solution.  We're very interested in this too!!!

William Beckner -- Stunt Programmer (Just call me "Bill")
Illinois Central College, Rm L141 -- East Peoria, IL  61635-0001
PH: (309) 694-8419 -- FAX: (309) 694-8995
"An unfinished thought is like a day without..."

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From:   Peter Clark [mailto:PGCLARK@VAC-ACC.GC.CA]
Sent:   Thursday, July 12, 2001 10:47 AM
To:     SQR-USERS@list.iex.net
Subject:        Re: SQR editor

Pamela, how is this done? We use UE but haven't had time to explore anything
more than the basic features we need.


>>> Pamela Lantzy <PLantzy@UAMAIL.ALBANY.EDU> 2001/07/12 12:17:29 pm >>>
A feature we discovered within Ultraedit is to run the current SQR you are
modifying through SQRW right from within ultraedit, so you don't have to
open SQRW.

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From:   Steve Hearne [mailto:steve.hearne@MVC-ENT.CO.UK]
Sent:   Thursday, July 12, 2001 4:59 AM
Subject:        SQR editor

Hello all.

Does anyone know of a good SQR editor?  Something that highlights keywords
and has good editing faciities?