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Re: spf to lis

Hi Ganesh,

I have never had occasion to use last-page, but I have reset the page number
with the #page-count reserved variable.  Here is an example:

   move 1 to #page-count

This is an ON-BREAK procedure, which I assume you are using to do the
NEW-REPORT.  Just make sure you do the NEW-PAGE first, because SQR does not
generate the headings for a page until the page is full or there is a page
break, so when you do NEW-PAGE, it prints the headings for the last page before
it does the page break.

Unfortunately, there is no reserved variable for the last page (at least in
version 4.x), so I'm not sure you can get around that.

Denise White
Sr. Programmer/Analyst


Date:    Wed, 24 Jan 2001 09:29:13 -0500
From:    Ganesh Rajamani <ganesh_r@EASTPOINT.COM>
Subject: spf to lis

Hi Group,
    I am trying to create a bunch of reports in one single file. It works
fine while creating an lis file, but when I want to make it an spf, I have
only the last report. I am using -A -NOLIS flags. I also tried the -keep
option and it produces the same result.

The reason I need this is that I would need a pcl (HP) version to print and
a text version to archive.

This is a bank statement generation process and I create a statement for
every account in the system. I use new-report for every account so that the
page numbers reset. It would also help if there is a way to force the
(page-number & last-page) reset to 1 when I need. That way I don't have to
use new-report and would just use new-page and reset the page number.

Ganesh Rajamani
Custom Group
603-669-8552 X 511